Millions Of Comforting Arms

by Singleskin

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"On first listen to their album, “Millions of Comforting Arms” Singleskin prove that if you write great songs, people will listen. They write passionate, uplifting tunes, where less means more. In the tradition of Sparklehorse, Teenage Fanclub & Neil Young(some of their influences), Singleskin know what it takes to rock, but they also have the ability to slow things down and make everything magic"

"Singleskin offer finely crafted melodic rock which a few years ago might have been seen as one pop duck in a massive AM drivetime pool. Now, however, it sounds vibrant. They lump a big fistful of tune in your face in a finely winsome style. All the influences are there: Big Star, dEUS, Sparklehorse and James Taylor, to name a few, with a dash of modern Americana thrown in for good measure."

“Singleskin definitely look the part, with singer Paul Dunning’s amiable charm inviting comparisons to a more masculine version of Fran Healy. And they have a tune for any occasion - sun-kissed summer anthems nestle surprisingly comfortably alongside fuzzy, bedraggled rockers like Crack This Decorum.

Elsewhere, Dunning’s songwriting is so sharp and breezy in its seeming effortlessness that Recoil’s chorus of "na-na-na-na-na-doo-doo" makes perfect sense in the end.”


released 01 June 2011

Paul Dunning, Vocals, Guitar

Dave Bernthal, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Colin Smith, Bass, Vocals

Gary McAuley, Drums

All songs by Paul Dunning/Singleskin

Recorded and Produced by Jamie Watson at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh



all rights reserved


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Track Name: T.I.N.G.H
If you were a god
then I'd believe you
but I dont know how I got here
And this fog
has got me breathless
There Is No Greatness round Here

If you were a god
god help you
suck the life from you
Pump my arm
give me your strength
I need it
There Is No Greatness Here
Track Name: All Of These Things Are Drugs To Me
Hey dont you speak
I'll take an educated guess that you cant sleep
I can see it in your eyes
You're weighing up some kind of comprimise

Ever blessed
combination's influenced
Sends those in fear away screaming

All of these things are drugs to me yeah

Circle one
flashes at you sparkles some
We let them away
others get the chance to land and stay

Keeps coming
I'm caught and
You're falling
Lets just keep breathing

All of these things are drugs to me yeah
Dont you see that its never easy

For all of these reasons there's no answers
I will be breathing it in for hour's
Track Name: Last Sinner In The Class
This one is a loaded gun
with a liver that can tell the time
and lights festooned in the living room
you might believe in parts
that tell the way its
the latest is the greatest is

Its hotter than it ever was
and the way its going I'm not surprised
it leaks and cracks peaks and flags
and people aren't so gratifying
that a boy he knows you know
he reads your thoughts, he reads a lot

And looking this way
defeat fills the creeks in your eyes
funny you should say

You were the last sinner in the class
but you shoud have learned your lesson fast
You were the last sinner in the class
but now you know you had to crash
and it might have been so simple
and not a device

Is this the everlasting
and its not my voice that you hear laughing
Need strength like the bees
Stand united, falling prouder
Way to go, will you ever know
will you ever get beneath these dark clouds

Trying to be diplomatic
its not the first time its been got at
open wide and eat it like a pig
Working on an unknown title
bursting balls or something viral
Track Name: Even The Saints Can Get It Wrong
My brain hurts
and all this smoke is stinging in my eyes
I can barely function
Where did you get that
it looks pretty good it must be new
and its not bad if its second hand

Well can you reach
and reach out

And both sides
yearned to give but learned to take away
A healthy source expand some
More like a new breed
of thirty somethings, somethings not right
Apologies for the last ten years

I wouldn't hold you back

Think its easy
Even the saints can get it wrong

It takes more
than the little things that meant so much before
were their values ever justified
Eat and breathe
and sleep and laugh and love
but not with you
I never meant to

Give me your fears to burn

Well there's this one, dont mention
Even the saints can get it wrong
Track Name: Blanked Out The Sun
you must be able to crawl
float in the ether until you fall
they've talked you down

challenge the words to find
hope that they listen in time
cos in time
they'll call

Has anybody here
Blanked out the sun

here is an X and the spot
there is your prize but its locked
this must mean something

Theres a thousand faces
hiding places
waiting to become
saints and angels to flicker and to burn
But bloody blurred temptation
brings a taste I cant remove
So eat it up or feed it to the birds
Track Name: Recoil
Well thats blues
and love in the country air
Kindled fires
what the hell I dont care
living outside is the life for some

Back home
the news and the city car
crave some wood
its my old guitar
this radio song, just reminds me of you

Because I know we're fools
We'll act a fine performance
just like we've always had to

Well break mine
I can get some more in
bring it down
here it comes again
part of the plan is the thinking up

Yeah sure
this message is loud and clear
its not cold
when I got my I. W. to decide

Recoil and fill a void
Recoil and sell yourself short
this is the furthest you can go

Its pure
and its under my nose
and its been here a long time, a long time you know
Its here
its in front of my eyes
its been highlighted big black lines
about the size of this globe
Track Name: 79 Electroshock Treatments
This prelude's my friend
gonna stick with it to the end
give me breeze blow
these candles, around here
and breathe a breath, applause response

These brackets are here
just to symbolise my window
a value
an abstract, these readings
are far by far the blackest ones

79 electroshock treatments
treat this
feel this

Its taken this time
just to get in your mind
no reaction
no reason, no feeling
no god damn way to take the strain

These brackets are here
just to symbolise my window
af value
an abstract, these readings
are still by far the blackest ones
Track Name: Millions Of Comforting Arms
Here she comes
she'll try to break it crafted but careless
She'll come undone
by the poison I left there
and I was young
my jet was flying right through the sun
I circled once
before I came to life and caught it there

radiate powerful charm
from millions of comforting arms
feeling the healing coming

Here she comes
crawling aimless and fighting patience
there's no real colours there to meet this
am I still young
my jet is out there seeking solace
so bring it on
I'm waiting can you get there
Track Name: Stars And Friends
I have chairs
that angels go to sleep in
I have prayers
that no one else believes in
and kerosene
is blowing into your eyes
the chestnut sky is bleeding

And when you cover up your tracks
you'll hear the fire within your heart

I wont break this into pieces
for what lies beneath this
and only now
this distance has become like my
guiding star that leads me

I'll ask my stars and friends for a melody
burst my brains think up an apology
I'm with this all night travelling economy
I've been inside too long
Track Name: Little Hearts Shine Through
Please amend the plans
for me
Pull us from the sand, and these twisted vines

Split the pain in two
there's rings and cares to lose
but little hearts shine through

There's sea's of fear alive
all summer
holding in their mouths
the streams that suffer

Those desert island songs
will gather dust upon
but little hearts shine through

And what belongs to you
will all be with me too
this journey's killed the crew
but little hearts shine through

I hope our little hearts can shine through